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Know your wood

Ever wonder what types / colors of wood exist for your projects? So did we, so we went out and bought these wood samples. We needed something to mount them to and have them easily be removed so that you can really get a feel for the wood.  

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Sharpen your knives

Did you know that Maker Depot has a Tormek T4 sharpening system? What’s a Tormek T4 sharpening system you ask, well it is the easiest way to sharpen all your tools and your knives. The system provides an easy to use jig to properly place your tool or knife against the grinding wheel for that […]

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Adafruit and Pololu

Hello Fellow Makers: Maker Depot is proud to announce that we have entered into a relationship with two very popular manufacturers of robotic and electronic components. Pololu Corporation and Adafruit!! As a way to assist our members with their projects and our own internal projects, we have become re-sellers/distributors of some of the finest electronic/robotic […]

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