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Costume Making

If you have an idea for a costume but haven’t quite been able to make it become a reality, we can help. Maker Depot’s own member, Rob “Doc” Dailey will now be sharing his knowledge of costume and prop making. Doc Dailey is a U.S. Navy Veteran who has successfully used his love of prop […]

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Adafruit and Pololu

Hello Fellow Makers: Maker Depot is proud to announce that we have entered into a relationship with two very popular manufacturers of robotic and electronic components. Pololu Corporation and Adafruit!! As a way to assist our members with their projects and our own internal projects, we have become re-sellers/distributors of some of the finest electronic/robotic […]

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Education / Learning

As my grandfather once told me, “learning is not a destination but a journey.”Maker Depot is currently in the planning/vetting process of educational offerings that will be taught at our new, makerspace. There will be classes from the very basic to the advanced, covering all aspects of the maker experience. Programming, electronics, game design, wood working, beginning computing, […]

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