Maker Depot’s Raspberry Pi-Jam (MJam)

Runs every month and is a mixture of practical workshops, technical talks, show-and-tell and a popular marketplace. Proceeds from ticket sales go towards running future Jams and increasing the amount of equipment we have available for workshops. We want MJam to be popular with hobbyists, educators and families, and we regularly welcome everyone.

Options are:

• BYOP (Bring Your Own Pi) (See note #1)

• Use our Pi’s (we have 5 kits)

• Purchase one of our kits (See note #2)

Topics Include

• Compare Raspberry Pi models and what’s right for you

• Setting up your Pi (What Operating would you need)

• Programming (Python vs C/C++ vs Java)

• General-purpose input/output (GPIO)

• Pi Robots

• Pi Sensors

• Projects

• Home automation and networking

1: If you are bringing your own Raspberry Pi you must:

Bring the Raspberry Pi

• A keyboard

• A mouse

• Any cables needed (i.e hdmi, network and USB)

• Power supply

2: If you want to purchase one of our kits for $80.00, please give us 1 week advance notice.  Our kits are CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit – 32 GB Edition kits.