UAV Build and Config Workshop with the NJ Drone User Group

Bring your UAV / sUAS Drones to our regular Build and Configure Workshop.

/<ids are welcome (remember to bring your adult) and there’s plenty of space and basic tools on hand where you can build and configure your bird(s) ready for our future Fly-Ins – let us know what tools you’ll need (3D printer, soldering iron, laser cutter etc.) but bring your own specialty tools and any ‘bits and pieces’ you might need..

There’s a small area close by that can be used for testing to a height of 100ft and we have a weekend Fly-In nearby..

This is ONLY a workshop for members to work on their drones so, If you don’t have a drone yet, come to our Fly-In events where you’ll meet a lot of helpful pilots that can give you good suggestions on what to do next.