Battle Bots

Ages 8-15 (Minimum 10 kids – Maximum 15) $35/kid

This party is ideal for the robot enthusiast. Kids are divided into teams as a battle is about to begin. Multiple types of battle bot robots are available to try out. Maybe some VR battling as well!

*NOTE: Bots are the property of Maker Depot. Kits may be purchased for an additional fee.


Ages 5-10 (Minimum 10 kids – Maximum 15) $35/kid

This party is for the kid that has a need for speed! Children will assemble, sand and customize their own miniature wood propelled dragster. Once completed, everyone completes in the Maker Depot Drag Race, to see whose dragster is King of The Track!

Wood Kits

Ages 5-15 (Minimum 10 kids – Maximum 15) $20-$35/kid based on kit choices

This party has something for everyone. Kids can assemble and customize projects that are as simple as a keepsake box, to something as complex as a Harley Davidson Motorcycle ot Humvee.

Tinker Party

Looking for something a little different? Have an idea that just hasn’t fully formed yet? Talk to us and we can help you design a custom great party for your child.

*All parties include slice of pizza, water or juice, and paper goods. Pizza for parents is extra. Please advise ahead of time if we need to include them.

Want to add a little more fun to the party? Ask about our photo booth!




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