Sharpen your knives

Did you know that Maker Depot has a Tormek T4 sharpening system?

What’s a Tormek T4 sharpening system you ask, well it is the easiest way to sharpen all your tools and your knives. The system provides an easy to use jig to properly place your tool or knife against the grinding wheel for that perfect edge every time without the guess work or practice that most sharpening systems require. If you sharpen a kitchen knife with this tool, the edge will stay razor sharp for not just days, but for months, and the next time you sharpen it, it will make it razor sharp again.

Most sharpening services charge $5 per knife/tool, with our Tormek, you can sharpen as many knives/tools as you need and you can have them done the same day.


We have the jigs for:

  • Knives
  • Woodturning tools

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