Review: Legit or Scam?

Review review to find out if it’s a genuine or fake site. Learn the entire story and learn whether this site legitimate or a fraud.

This site legitimate or is it a scam? The low trust rating of this website is the reason we do to not endorse it. It appears to be a scam and even reviews that are authentic don’t help its credibility. Let’s look at the issues surrounding the business’s eCommerce sector. Review

Our tool for validating websites detects this site with a low trust score of 6.4. This indicates that the company is classified as Suspicious. Young. Untrustworthy.

We’ll go over the reasons behind this low rating. This Scam Detector algorithm has generated the 6.4 score based upon 50 elements that are relevant to’s business. We’ve utilized all the important elements from public feedback and customer service within its eCommerce sector to WHOIS data from the Domain Authority (DA).

Let’s begin with the most important alarming sign that the domain name is young. It was registered just a couple of weeks ago and was just started to go live. It is almost impossible for a brand-new site to put the business up in motion to promote its services and get people to buy the products, use them and finally, to leave online reviews. This all in a short period of time. That’s why we have the previously mentioned Suspicious. Young. Untrustworthy. tags.

We still did give this site credit for the doubt, as we do with every new company. However, our algorithm was able to come up with a 6.4 rating after incorporating into the formula all other relevant factors for the eCommerce sector. These include negative feedback on the social networks, SSL certificate, IP address, and – most crucially that of the Tranco rank.

To evaluate the credibility of this site we used 53 important factors. If you’ve had any experiences using this site, please leave a comment in the section below.


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This site has a safety rating of zero from 100. The score for safety is based on several factors like previous security records and domain inspections, as well as analysis of server and technical aspects. Review

This site is the most unsafe Score, which suggests substantial dangers. We strongly advise against it due to its risky nature.

There is a good chance of being a fraud and designed to trick customers. For the security of your online transactions It is crucial to be wary of this site

In a look at the various important factors Here are the most important points to take note of regarding

Positives of

Valid SSL This site has an authentic SSL certificate and provides secure connections.

Not blacklisted: This site had a good reputation, and no security system has blacklisted this domain.

Negatives of

Newly Developed: This website has been created just recently, therefore be aware of the risks.

Not popular: Only a little people visit this site and it is not well-known.

Website with a Risky Location: This site is run from potentially risky places like China as well as Nigeria.

Block Bots This website blocks key web crawlers and bots.

fake social profile: The site makes use of fake social media profiles. is identified as an online shop.

As is rated as safe with a score of zero, our system isn’t recommending this site.

If you’re making a purchase for the first time at review, read reviews from other customers prior to selecting”Cash on Delivery” (Cash upon delivery) option to stay clear of payment fraud.

Beware of fake and paid reviews that are available on the web.

Behavioral Analysis Alert

By looking at the’s functionality, its application as well as other component software, we discovered security concerns.

It encompasses a range of possible risks, risk patterns or anomalies that occur in various areas such as cybersecurity and suspicious behavior, malware, or viruses.

Are a scam? How Would You Rate It?

What was your experience on this website If you have? Advertisements on the internet? Facebook or Instagram ads? You can help lots of people by posting your post. Are you sure that a fraud? If you’ve dealt with this website, what do you rate it? Do share your thoughts by submitting a review.

Frequently Asked Question

Is legitimate?

We have discovered an untrustworthy website.

From the location is it operating?’s server is located within San Francisco, United States of America.

When was the date was first launched? Domain name registration was completed on November 30, 2023.

Is down?

When we last looked on December 04, 2023 had been accessible.

Is secure?

Based on our algorithm, have the safety score zero out of 100.

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