Crypto Scam: What It Is & How It Works

In this blog we will reveal the scam which is a bogus site that claims to be an online platform for crypto currencies that promises excellent and lucrative profits, however, in real life, it deceives investors by not allowing the withdrawal of their funds. We will discuss the mechanism behind this scam and also what indicators to look for, and the best way to do if you fall into this trap.

What is the scam perform?

The scam is a fraud that entices investors with unrealistic returns, and the trapping of investors in a vicious cycle of deposits and fees. This is how it works:

In the beginning, investors need to sign up on the site and then create an account. They then have to select a plan, and make a deposit of $100.

Then, investors are presented with an online dashboard that allows them to check their balance and earnings. Additionally, the website sends them email and messages to congratulate them for their profits and informing them of the need to invest more.

The third is when investors ask for withdrawals, the fraud is set to begin. The website informs them they will have to pay a withdrawal charge of 10 percent of the balance. If they pay this fee, they will be told they need to pay a second fee to verify and security, as well as taxes and so on. Every time they pay for a fee, they will be asked to pay a second one.

Fourth, the site informs investors they need to pay more to enable their withdrawals or to upgrade their account. The website states that this is essential to guarantee their security and safety.

Fifth, if investors do not want to pay additional charges or deposit, the site ceases to respond to their messages and emails. It also block access to their accounts and erases their account information. Investors are left without money, and have no means to reach out to fraudsters.


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  • What exactly is the fraud?
  • What is the scam perform?
  • What should you do if have been a victim of scam? scam?
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  • What exactly is the fraud? is an online site that claims to be a platform for cryptocurrency that allows investors to trade digital assets, and reap huge returns. The website claims that they will earn up to 50% of their profits each day, based upon the sum they put in. The site boasts that it has experts who oversee the funds and offer 24 hour customer support.

Yet, is nothing but fraud that entices unwary investors with bogus promises, and then extorts their funds. The site does not have any official documents or certificates of trading This means that money as well as personal information are not protected by this site. The site does not have details about the company, address for business or contact information and investors could be disconnected from the owners.

What do you do if have been a victim of scam?

If you’ve invested in and have realized is a scam There are actions you can take:

Stop paying any charges or deposits to the site. Don’t take any threats or excuses they offer.

Contact your credit card or bank company to make a report of the transactions that are fraudulent. Request for them to reverse the charge or to cancel your card, if it is possible.

Inform an authority and also to online platforms. You can lodge a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and as well as the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) and your law enforcement agencies in the area. You may also complain about the website via Google, Facebook, Twitter or any another social media platform on which they might advertise.

Find a professional for help if require emotional or financial assistance. Contact an attorney, counselor or a financial adviser to help you deal with the issue and recover the losses.

Conclusion is a fraud that targets people who wish to make investments in cryptocurrency to make fast gains. The site employs fake testimonials and fake reviews, as well as fake awards and false figures to convince investors they are authentic and trustworthy. But, the site is actually operated by fraudsters who take money from investors by not allowing them to withdraw their money. They also demand costs and deposits which will never stop.

If you’ve encountered or a similar site don’t invest any money in or any similar website. Make sure you do your homework before investing on any platform online and verify their reputation, regulations transparency, customer service. If you’ve invested in and have realized it’s a scam, do not be alarmed. Follow the instructions above and attempt to recover your money in the shortest time possible.

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