Cobble Hill clue review spoiler alert they’re extraordinary

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Let’s discuss Cobble Hill-themed Puzzles.

I’d like to introduce Cobble Hill. Cobble Hill puzzle brand. Since 2005, they’ve been creating beautiful puzzles and interacting to the world. I’ve worked on numerous Cobble Hill puzzles over the years and just enjoy the puzzles!

They offer a wide range of pieces and themes. They make use of a low-glare linen paper and create the majority of their puzzles by hand, which means that their puzzles are completely original. I first came across them while solving their Blue collage puzzle, which is part of the Rainbow series.


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Do you think Cobble Hill Puzzles suitable for you?

Cobble Hill Puzzles offers a variety of eight different piece numbers across their lines of puzzles. For advanced and adult puzzlers, they provide 500, 1000 and 2000 pieces of puzzles.

The Catsville or Blue puzzles mentioned in this article are being displayed on my walls, they are part of the 1000-piece Black and White puzzle. The pieces are about 3mm thick.

Alongside tray and floor puzzles for children They also have a special range of their own.

The puzzles that are designed specifically for children are ideal for families since the size of the pieces vary from small to big in the same puzzle. The larger pieces are perfect for toddlers!

Their other puzzle line is referred to as “Easy Handling” with 275 pieces larger than standard puzzle pieces. It is targeted at visually impaired people or those who require a break from pressure of bigger pieces.

Cut Style

Cobble Hill Puzzles employ an uncut random style, that means the puzzle pieces won’t be laid out on a row by row grid. They will feature unique shapes, which adds a sense of an element of challenge.


The Cobble Hill puzzles make an excellent option, especially if you’re environmentally conscious. The puzzles are constructed using 100% recycled materials and ink derived from vegetable sources. Their packaging too is recyclable.

The linen paper that is used for each image is stunning. Not only do the images have a wonderful texture and look, but there is also no reflection.

Non-Extreme Close-up View

The boxes for puzzles and reference posters are made of the same linen papers as puzzles are made of. Is it just me who loves to rub their hands across the finished puzzle to rejoice?

They are currently working on a redesign of their gorgeous boxes, so that you (and I too!) will be able to squeeze more puzzles in your collection.

High Quality Image and Resolution

The quality of the image is crucial when picking the best puzzle. Who would want to make the puzzle with a blurry image? There is no need the worry of blurry pictures or images peeling away out of the piece. Every puzzle I’ve completed through Cobble Hill was perfect.

Theme Diversity and Originality

Cobble Hill offers a vast variety of puzzles that span many kinds of categories, such as:

  • Animals
  • Art
  • Collage
  • Scenic
  • Seasonal
  • T.O.P. Truly Original Puzzles
  • Vintage & Nostalgia
  • Check their site out all of the Puzzle themes. Puzzle themes!

Benefits of completing Jigsaw Puzzles

There are many advantages of doing jigsaw puzzles. They are excellent for keeping your brain sharp. I like them to improve my focus, dexterity in the manual as well as hand-eye coordination. You must keep your brain clear of the cloud!

Alongside these skills, they assist in teaching patterns recognition shape classification, recognition of colors problem solving and even patience. It’s possible that I could benefit from this one for practice!

Based on my entire criteria Cobble Hill Puzzles is in Jen’s Top Five Puzzle Brands List. The linen finish is a major factor in my opinion; the it’s the most glare that puzzles suffer from.

I am awestruck by the challenges of cutting random pieces. Sometimes you think you’re looking for a single piece, only to discover that it’s actually three or four pieces. FUN!

A reference map is fantastic to have, particularly if you’re stuck in a difficult spot.

Cobble Hill offers a nice variety of themes and images There’s sure to be something for all.

If you enjoy solving puzzles with sections (Like the BFF of mine!) you’ll need a tray available to move the piece onto your puzzle board or the area you work in. The pieces interlock and fit nicely, however they are isn’t squishy enough to allow you to lift the entire an entire section, or even the entire puzzle.

Last note – Cobble Hill does offer replacement puzzles in the event that you’re missing a piece. The catch is the fact that puzzles has to be given to you in a sealed package or purchased on their website.

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