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What do we need to know about the Freely-wear website?

Freely-wear is an e-commerce site which sells FW(r)E-FRONT CLOSURE BREATHABLE 5D SHAPING PUSH up BRA(BUY one and get two free) and HIGH WAIST UNDERWEAR women’s COTTON WAIST CINCHER BUTT LIFTING BRIEFS, FW(r)2023 FRONT BUTTON BREATHABLE COTTON WITH SKIN FRIENDLY BRA(BUY 1 and get 2 free) products under the BRAS, LINGERIES, SPORT BRA and et al collection and category.
The Whois database has revealed that this site has been registered as of 1st November 2022. It will expire the 1st of November in 2023. The trust score that is assigned to this site is 51%..

Certain facts to be aware of about the Freely-wear Website are:

  • Name of website: Freely-wear
  • Contact information: None
  • Contact phone number 3054449235
  • Products Category: BRAS, LINGERIES, SPORT BRA, ect
  • Payment options: Paypal, Visa Mastercard, Amex
  • The delivery time is The majority of orders will be delivered within 2 to 3 business days after receipt. Orders placed on or after the six p.m are processed on the next working day (not including holidays and weekends). Orders made on or after Friday 6p.m will be shipped by the next Tuesday. Orders are completed within 2 working days. Orders aren’t delivered or shipped on weekends or during holidays. If we have an excessive volume of orders, delivery might be delayed for a few days. Please allow extra days for delivery. If there is delays in the delivery or delivery of the order we’ll inform you by email or phone promptly.
  • Return Policy: 1. within 30 days from receiving a product purchased from Freelywear You can return any item that you are not entirely satisfied with. When you have decided to return a product, you are not allowed to utilize it and you should take care of it during the time it is at your disposal. The item must be returned to us in pristine condition and unwashed, unduly soiled, in its original condition and not worn (other other than to test it on) product(s) on ) and in the same condition that it was offered to you. If it is possible, all labels and tags must be intact as well. The product(s) must be returned in the original packaging. We cannot accept returned items returned immediately without having us contact them first. You’ll receive your refund within 3 days of the day we have received the items. 2. If the reason for returning is due to the product’s quality or a mistake made by us, you are assured of a 100 100% refund or a no-cost replacement. If you send us a picture regarding the product and we’ll reship it, or refund you after we review the photo. 3. If the product is in good condition and of high quality, and you are dissatisfied with the product due to reasons of any kind, we will happily refund or exchange the item after receiving the item returned. We recommend you contact us prior to returning the parcel. It will help us get the parcel back successfully. The shipping costs are borne by the buyer and are not refundable. 4. Last but not least, please contact our customer service at to confirm the nearest warehouse address for you. Make sure to use the same packaging for a secure return. We cannot accept returned products that have been returned in person without first contacting us. If the return was caused by the consumer, they should pay for the shipping costs. The exact amount is based on the express service provider you select. If, for any reason the products received are damaged or incorrect and the buyer does not have to pay the shipping cost due to this reason.
  • Social media hyperlinks: None

You can assess the credibility of the site using the information below. Let’s take a look at the website’s strengths and disadvantages.

Some drawbacks to this website Freely-wear comprise:

This website’s extremely low score on trust of 51 percent causes trust issues for internet users and Internet Explorers. Other websites have also given bad reviews, and feedbacks.The domain name for the website was just registered, which is believed to be in the 1st of November, 2022 and expires on the 1st of November 2023, which raises doubts about the legitimacy of the website.

The benefits of this site Freely-wear include:

  • This website gives users an authentic SSL certificate as well as HTTPS to ensure their security.
  • The site provides all potential policies that are accessible and legal that customers may need to know.

You are aware about the downsides of the site as well as benefits. We can now look at the aspects which prove this website is genuine or a fraud. It is possible to determine this by the points below. can go through the following section and be sure to include your feedback if you’ve utilized the site. Your input can assist many people who are unsure about the legitimacy of this site. We appreciate any comments you leave.

The following information can help determine whether the Freely-wear website is legitimate or not:

  • Site Age 1st Nov 2022, and expires on the 1st of November 2023.
  • Maximum Discount Offers: Upto 50% off
  • Trust Score of Website: 51% According to scamadviser
  • The validity of the Contact’s Address: None
  • customer complaints: No reviews nor ratings.
  • Returns and Exchange: 1. When you make your purchase within one day of making payment prior to the shipping date, we will make the order void and then refund in your entire purchase. 2. If you place your order within 2 days of making payment prior to sending out the parcel We can cancel the order and refund 90 percent of the total cost as our employee has taken possession of the item and wrapped the parcel at the time of delivery, notwithstanding that, perhaps, the package has been delivered to the entrepot of the shipping company. 3. We can not cancel an order once it’s sent out, so please be understanding.

Commonly asked questions about this store’s retail location:

Did we discover the website Freely-wear to be fake?

Yes, we believe this website is suspicious.

Does the website appear to be a rip-off or is it a legitimate site?

It’s possible that the Freely-wear website may be a fake website. We don’t recommend anyone who visits our site to conduct any online transactions through the website of

Does this website appear be authentic or is it

Based upon our investigations the retail store does seem to be authentic.

Our understanding of free-wear is:

We suspect that this site is suspect based on our personal examination. We do not recommend our readers to purchase through this website. A full list of scam websites to be found in 2022 can be found Rapid-night com

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