Furnishingbuy.shop Reviews 2023: Fake Bed Bath & Beyond Store? 

Are you looking to buy at Furnishingbuy? Are you trying to figure out whether Furnishingbuy.shop is a real online store? Check this review to find out the reason our scam detector has given Furnishingbuy.shop low trust scores.

Is Furnishingbuy.shop Scam Or Legit?

In the light of these crucial points mentioned in the previous paragraphs, Furnishingbuy.shop has a lot of warning signs.

Like many websites that are scams, this makes use of low-cost rates to attract customers. When they place an order they are delivered a totally different product or a lower quality product and some customers are left with no product at all. This is an excellent example of a bait-and-switch fraud.

Poor/No Security

This website Furnishingbuy.shop is a non-secure site in that it’s not protected by Mcafee and Norton. This exposes the site to hackers who could access and modify Customer’s personal information and financial details.

What exactly is Furnishingbuy.shop website?

Furnishingbuy situated at Furnishingbuy.shop is a web-based retailer which is impersonating Bed Bath & Breakfast Brand using its brand names as the company’s own. It claims to sell diverse products, including bedding and kitchen appliances, bathroom and more. These products are offered at a price that is suspiciously low.

Website Creation

The website was made in July 2023. The website expires in July 2024. This indicates that it’s an easy to delete website, which is why it’s not an authentic website.


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Customer Complaints

Customers who purchased from this shop have left numerous online reviews saying that the store is fraudulent as they didn’t receive what they ordered or received a different product that was of poor quality. The attempts to reach the store to request refunds were unsuccessful.

Suspicious/ Outrageous Discounts

The astronomical discount prices advertised on the site are far too impressive to be real and is an alarm signal that the site is fraudulent. They also offer a 70 percent off.

No Social Media

The Store Furnishingbuy.shop is not a social media handle. This signifies that it’s not present via any platform for social networking. which is suspect as all authentic online store has a social presence that is active.

Does Using PayPal Guarantee Safe Shopping From Furnishingbuy.shop? No! And Here’s Why.

Today, PayPal cannot provide a prompt refund. Additionally, these online stores often make the mistake of using an untrue tracking number that is not connected to you. The fake tracking number is entered into your PayPal transaction, which results in PayPal perceive this transaction as an entire transaction, and therefore receiving a chargeback is usually sometimes impossible. For more details on how to claim your money back, go here to learn more.


In all indications there is no doubt the Furnishingbuy.shop cannot be considered a real online shop. It has scammed customers who were not expecting it and is full of Red Flags as we have read in this review. Shoppers should be cautious about this shop. To be able to identify fraudulent online stores, customers must check their Domain date on Who.is and also check whether the store’s address is correct. shop and, if it’s given one, just copy and paste the address into Google and Google maps will tell you if it’s a warehouse or a residential structure.

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