Klynu.com website, Is it worthy of your trust or not?

klynu.com Website Review: Is klynu Real or fake?

We know that the attractive offer and dress on Klynu must be making you to order but still you’re not sure that whether klynu website  is scam or a genuine company, should you purchase any item from klynu.com or not? Then you are into the right place, we will discuss today about this online store.

There are a lot of online stores claiming to offer various items at enormous discounts. But the majority of them are frauds, fake or scam website. In this article you will find out unbiased review of klynu. Email has been given in their website is [email protected] and their contact number is +44748287587.

What is the klynu.com website?

Klynu is an online site that retails in Topps, Dresses, Sweater $ Cardigan, Twinsets, Spring and Summer etc. category with Sweet Pink Long Sleeve Top, All dress mini, shorts, long, casuals, Elegant Print Short Sleeve Maxi Dress, Burgundy Criss-Cross Draped Long Sleeved Top, Glam Silver Winter Shimmering Ombre Two Piece Set, Abstract Marble Print Long-Sleeve Top and many more.,and other collections.

 This website was registered on 2021-12-05, according to whois record. And the trust score of this site is 35/100.

Details about this website:

1 .Website name: klynu

2. Emil: [email protected]


4. Options for payment: PayPal, Credit card

5. Shipping Policies: within 35 business days from day of placing order.

6. Delivery time: They will update for delivery time on your given number and mail.

7. Return Policies: within 30 days

8. Social media links: Instagram and Facebook

Positive highlights of this website:

HTTPS is present for consumers’ safety. The main positive point which made us to trust on this website was:-

  1. Klynu have given their contact number.
  2. This website has their address which creates trust on them.
  3. The website too has various social media platform link to it.

Negative highlights of klynu website:

1. The website don’t have any clear details on company owner.

2. This website lack to gain trust of people, because its trust score is very low i.e. 35/100

3. This website was founded on December 2021, which made this website too new to trust totally

Points to prove that the klynu website is a scam

1. Website Age: 2021-12-05

2. Maximum Discount offers: Exclusive discount on all collection.

3. Trust Score of Website: 35/100

 4. Customer Complaints: +44748287587

Frequently asked questions about this website:

Is the klynu.com website fake?

Yes you can say that, because from our research, we found this website quite fake, we recommend to check slowly-slowly before making any purchase from this website.

Is this website legit?

No, doesn’t look a legit website.

Is klynu.com website safe?

No, we found this website quite suspicious but overall with proper checking and doing research by yourselves you can think of buying from this website.

Is this website a scam?

Yes, this website seems to be a scam website because of its trust score, its age and many more reasons.

Our Opinion about klynu:

From our research we found this website quite unworthy of spending your 3-4k on this website, because of its age and trust score and their reviews on other platform. But then also if you want to place an order you can, by doing some research  You can also find out list of scam website in March,2022 here.

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