Is Genuine or Scam? Here’s the truth about Monorolls

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Is legitimate or a scam? Here’s the truth about

Alternatives to

Let’s say the objective is playing with other Monopoly GO dice rolls for fun and practice without privacy, security or legal considerations. In that scenario, options are available to provide this service more easily and safely:

Third-Party Apps: The tools for Android and iOS simulate dice in closed apps, which eliminates data privacy and privacy risks online. Greater control over data that is connected, too.

Spreadsheet Formulas: With programs such as Google Sheets or Excel, dice rolls can be controlled using formulas. Accounts are not required.

Customized Websites: Hobbyists share HTML/JS codes through GitHub reproducing dice. Self-hosting makes it easy to remove external party dependence.

The other methods can either replicate the rolls in a secure way client-side, without data collection, or predate in providing dice simulations that are legitimately. Any benefit from in terms of extra dice generation is possible with alternative methods that are transparent and have proven themselves.

Review category: Posts offers an option to allow Monopoly GO players to receive “unlimited dice rolls free” via its online platform. However, a lot of players are skeptical about whether the website is actually legitimate or if it could pose security or legal risk.

In this detailed piece, I’ll examine from a variety of angles to determine if it can be trusted or thought of as a fraud. At the end of the article, users must be able to discern what they should do to determine if using is an appropriate choice or has drawbacks they must know about.


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Are Unlimited Dice Rolling a Reality?

The first issue to be investigated is the possibility of unlimited dice rolling possible using an external program. If you play Monopoly GO, normally, players are restricted to a specific amount of rolls per day/hour according to timers.

They can also purchase additional rolls, but they also have limitations. So, how do claim to produce unlimited rolls? Is legitimate?

When you dig deeper, it becomes clear the fact that’s “generator” does not directly interfacing or altering it’s Monopoly GO game files/code. It’s just creating random number games based on dice roll simulations.

The player manually copies and pastes these simulation rolls into the real Monopoly GO app. In reality, is not eliminating timers or avoiding any game mechanisms. It’s simply simulating outcomes for players to duplicate into.

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The rolls therefore do not really “unlimited,” as the site suggests. The players are still restricted by the standard timing limitations inside Monopoly GO as a whole. They only need to perform an additional copying/pasting step that is assisted through’s random numbers generator.

Thus, even though the website allows you to generate additional rolls, it will not eliminate the built-in roll limits, as they claim. This raises questions regarding the truthfulness of some of’s main claims to market.

Is Genuine or Scam? Security and Privacy Dangers

Since does not have direct access to the user’s Monopoly GO game data or the ability to alter the game it self, this eliminates certain security worries. However, when signing-up and using the website’s services users are required to submit personal information which could be a risk. will require the player’s names, emails as well as a password when registering an account. It’s unclear what the account details are utilized for, since, as mentioned in the article, the site doesn’t directly connect to Monopoly GO. This is a red flag because personal information is being gathered without understanding of the way they are stored and utilized.

There is no privacy statement published, which means that users are not aware of the types of data that can be stored or shared with The best practices for legitimate websites typically involve publishing the full privacy policy. In the absence of a policy, this creates confusion.

Furthermore, the site could be used to harvest emails and other profile data for marketing/advertising purposes without user consent. Although direct security risks could be reduced because of the lack of connection to games, security concerns should remain a top priority when submitting details to

Legal Issues Concerning Automation

Another crucial aspect to be considered is the legality and potential risk of violating the terms and conditions of service for Monopoly GO itself by using automated tools. The majority of mobile games explicitly restrict the use of bots, macros or any other software that automatizes games. This ensures fair play for all players, and also prevents some advantages of automation.

Because allows the creation and input of additional dice roll, one may claim that this is a violation of automated process. While a person still performing the roll copying manually but the actual process is fully automated. Should Monopoly GO developers were to be concerned and see as being a facilitator of “botting,” it could cause accounts to be banned.

Since the Monopoly GO terms prohibit this kind of assistance from outside it is a serious legal risk that requires acknowledgment. The use of could violate the conditions of service and could result in accounts being shut down at certain points. It is important to be aware of this risk prior to making a decision on’s services.

The website makes claims for marketing such as “unlimited dice roll” which are exaggerated and not completely accurate after a closer examination.

There is no transparency regarding the use and collection of personal data and there is there is no privacy policy that has been publicly announced.

Contact information is a bit sparse It’s a simple “Contact us” form instead of directly addressing or phone numbers.

The site’s design is low-budget, and has small grammatical mistakes, decreasing confidence.

No About/Background pages are available to prove the legitimacy of the operator or their intentions.

When you consider all of these aspects in combination, shows subtle signs of attempting to sell more than it provides through sloppy words and an absence of transparency in areas where more information could be provided to prove its reliability. Although the direct security risk may be minimal, privacy concerns and legal issues also exist in the same way, as we have seen above.

Overall, with no additional details on privacy practices, webmasters and legal disclaimers is unable to convince you of its credibility as a reliable service.

The potential danger of negative outcomes is greater than any benefits that can be clearly demonstrated as alternative tools are available to simulate dice rolls, but without the open trust issues. The safety of players should be the top priority over any potential advantages to games that are based on unreliable integrity.

Is Monorolls real or fake? Final Conclusive Remark

A thorough analysis in terms of privacy, security legal, trustworthiness, and security perspectives, raises enough open questions that it is not completely categorized as secure or legal to use. Although direct hacking risk might be less, questions arise in regards to privacy practices, site credibility, and the risk of breaking game rules of service and a host of other risks.

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With the absence of transparency about the operator as well as their data usage and sufficient legal information, along with the numerous alternatives available, fails to sufficiently remove any reasonable doubts about an informed, customer-focused conclusion. It is said that “When it seems like something is too appealing for its own good, it usually is.” Data of the players and accounts are better secured elsewhere, unless more detailed details are made available.

At most, resides in a uncertain area. It could be operating as it is advertised, but the unanswered questions persist. Therefore it is recommended that any use of the website should be done with a great deal of caution and avoidance in cases where privacy and legal issues are not acceptable, and definitely not recommended for accounts belonging to children Based on the research provided.

Players are encouraged to investigate the options available or try to simulate rolls independently whenever possible for more certainty. Risks may not outweigh potential benefits when you look deeper into the operation of A lot of attention to security, credibility, and transparency could aid in improving this assessment.

In the end, even though promises to be an efficient service to Monopoly GO players seeking extra dice rolls, the website has too many unanswered concerns about its owners as well as data practices and possible issues regarding the game’s terms of service that it is not able to recommend its use without hesitation.

Lack in transparency or legitimacy indicators in conjunction with the different techniques for simulation that are available, make it difficult to completely judge as completely “legit.”


Here are the answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding from the research above:

Is is safe to use?

While direct security compromises might be less risky however, open privacy concerns and legal issues that can affect accounts continue. Alternatives to avoid these risks are available. Be cautious unless additional details are provided.

What happens if my Monopoly GO account be blocked?

The violation of the Terms of Service using automated assistance is a real danger. It is not guaranteed that your account will not be subject to restrictions. Alternative methods of simulation will not cause this problem.

What kind of information does the website gather?

Personal information such as username, email address and password are sought, but privacy policies are not transparent. Data practices and their use are not clear without explicit details.

Are endless dice rolls feasible?

It’s not true, is only simulating rolls, and they need to adhere to the timers in the game when manually input. The possibility of unlimited roll that does not violate these limitations isn’t feasible as claimed by the site.

Where can I play dice with confidence?

The most well-known dice roller websites, apps from third parties as well as spreadsheets and custom codes offer safe alternatives that do not have privacy or legal ambiguity.

Do I need to be able to believe in Is Monorolls legitimate or a scam?

With the remaining concerns about the legitimacy, transparency and other alternatives the full faith cannot be advised at this time Based on the available information. Be cautious until any new disclosures address any issues discussed.

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