scam or lagit: How It Works!

If you are looking for a cute and fluffy companion, you might be tempted by the ads of, a website that claims to sell adorable Pomeranian puppies. However, before you get over their images and pay them a check but beware that this website is a fraud. In this blog we will go over what is the fraud is about, the way it operates and what you should do if you’ve fallen victim to the scam. scam


What exactly is the fraud?

What is the scam operate?

What should you do if are a victim of scammers like scam?

What exactly is the fraud?

It is believed that the fraud is kind of online fraud which is targeted at people in search of an animal. The scammers design an unauthentic website that appears authentic and professional, featuring pictures and videos of adorable puppies, testimonials of happy customers, as well as contact information. They also promote their site on social media sites like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram to attract prospective buyers.

The scammers claim they have an entire group of Pomeranian puppies to purchase, and they are able to deliver them anywhere in the world as well as internationally. They are offering attractive prices, discounts and even guarantees. They also boast the status of registered breeders and all their pups are in good health vaccinated and microchipped.

The truth lies that neither of the puppies exist. The scammers are using stolen or stock images and videos of dogs, and then fabricate fictional names and tales to sell the dogs. They also make use of fake or stolen emails and telephone numbers to reach out to their victims. Their sole objective is to extract the maximum amount of money from unknowing buyers.


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What is the scam operate?

The scam operates by following the usual pattern of pet scams that are online. These are the steps the scammers generally follow:

They make a fake site along with social media pages to promote their puppies.

They respond to queries from potential buyers and request for them to fill in an application form that includes their shipping and personal information.

They issue an invoice of the price for the puppy typically somewhere between $500 and $1,000 dependent on the size and breed of the. They require the buyer to make a payment of $650 via PayPal or bank transfer or Bitcoin.

They will send an email confirmation with tracking numbers and an estimated delivery date to the dog.

They call the customer to follow up prior to the delivery date and state that there is an issue in the delivery company, or customs. They demand more money to pay for other costs, such as taxes, insurance or quarantine. They threat to stop the delivery or charge the purchaser for abandonment of animals in the event that they do not pay.

This process is repeated until the buyer realizes they’ve been duped or is unable to pay. Then they stop responding to any phone calls or emails received from buyers.

They remove their social media and website accounts, and then create new accounts with new domain names and names in order to carry on their fraud.

What should you do if have been a victim of this scam? scam?

If you’ve been a victim of scammers like the scam, it is recommended that you follow these steps:

Stop all contact with fraudsters and don’t send the scammers any money.

Make sure you report the scam to the local authorities for example, the police department or the consumer protection agency.

Inform your payment processor like PayPal or even your banking institution and then try to reverse or dispute the charges.

Contact the platforms on the internet that you came across or spoke with the scammers, for example Facebook or Instagram and ask them to take down their advertisements and accounts.

Inform other websites that provide warnings about scams involving pets online for example as well as

Visit a reputable pet shelter or rescue organisation in your region and adopt a real dog who is in need of a loving, home.

If you think your device has been infected by malware, conduct scans using Malwarebytes Free.


It is believed that the scam is among many pet scams online which prey on the emotions of people and desire to have an animal companion. These scammers employ fraudulent websites as well as social networks to market fake puppies and lure buyers into paying for them. A good way to stay away from falling victim to this fraud is to do your own research prior to purchasing pets online. You should look for warning signs such as cheap prices, poor grammar, or any pressure tactics. Also, always meet the seller and puppy in person prior to making any payment. Beware: if something seems too promising for it to be real, then it is.

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