Shark WandVac System WV361UK Review

The handheld cleaning device can effectively take on floors The Shark WandVac System WV361UK is an ideal cordless vacuum that you can grab and go.

Key Features

Life of the battery supplied that provides approximately 16 minutes use The charging time is three hours. Charging dock can accommodate another battery.

Vacuum cleaner type This is an handheld vacuum cleaner with a an wand and a floor head to ensure that you can take on larger tasks.


There’s been a revival in hand-held vacuums that provide quick, easy clean-up for spills of a small size. When you purchase the Shark WandVac System WV361UK, you’ll have the most efficient of both that is a handheld vac capable of quick and efficient cleaning up small areas of mess, and an entire floor head that can deal with an entire room.

It’s true that you’ll require more storage space to run an item like this as the run-time of 16 minutes is a limitation on the amount of space that you can clear. Its performance is excellent and the possibility to buy another battery may make it more useful however.


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  • Amazingly light and extremely simple to utilize
  • It weighs no more than a gram in hand mode.
  • A clever docking system and charger
  • Bin-ejection system is slightly active

It is the Shark WandVac System WV361UK is similar in layout to Shark’s handheld vacuum cleaner that is it’s the Shark WV251UK. The principal cleaning device is one of a long tube having a handle at the rear, and an air intake on the front.

Shark WandVac System handheld unit

The WV361UK is slightly larger than the WV251UK model before it, due to the fact that it has a larger battery. There’s also an 0.25-litre bin, which is an increase from 0.1 Liters in the earlier model. This may not seem like a lot of dust however, you must factor in the battery’s relatively short lifespan and the fact that this cleaner is designed to quickly tackle small spills, and it exceeds.

The eject button at the top of your cleaner pushes the bin to empty it. It’s quite energetic so make sure you’ve placed the cleaner on top of a bin otherwise you may simply scatter dust everywhere on your floor.

Shark WandVac System bin eject

You can take the bin assembly in order to access into the HEPA filter on the back and get rid of out the inside of the bin. Shark suggests that you clean the filter every month.

Shark WandVac System bin and filter

What is what makes the WV361UK distinct from previous handheld models is the fact that you receive an handheld wand in the box that increases reach and allows you to utilize a motorized floor head. In the end, it allows the cleaner to be bigger than the standard handheld (690 inches x 62 inches x the 79mm) and yet still thin.

Shark WandVac System cleaning carpet

Most importantly, this is one of the lightest vacuum cleaners I’ve ever reviewed, weighing just 3kg with all accessories in place. Remove the floor head and the vacuum’s weight decreases to just under 1kg. which is incredibly light, and allows for cleaning up high and in more restricted areas, and transferring the vacuum about much easier.

Shark WandVac System cleaning up high

This body’s lightweight also means this cleaner is simple to move around and I found it to be easy and quick with the floor head motorized that is attached. It’s a model is an anti-hair wrap model, meaning the brushes won’t get blocked by hair while cleaning.

Shark WandVac System floor head

The controls are easy to operate as well. There’s just one power button at the front of the unit to switch off the purifier in the ION mode (regular power) and you can press the button on the back to briefly activate the Boost mode to tackle more difficult spills.

Shark WandVac System power button

These types of controls make sense. You only activate Boost mode when the button is activated, quickly increasing the power when you require it and then lowering it to normal mode as soon as you need it. This allows you to prolong the life of your battery. This button is difficult to identify However, in stick mode, it can be difficult to find the right hand position to push it.

Shark WandVac The System’s Boost button

The process of changing from stick mode to handheld mode is simple: simply grasp the two switches on the back of the vacuum and remove it from the handheld. Connecting it back is the same which makes it simple to switch from floor mode to detailed mode in the shortest amount of time. It’s unfortunate, especially considering the light the vacuum is and how light it is, that it can’t take on the task of its own. I’ve seen only Hoover H-Free 300 Hoover H-Free 300 manage this.

Shark WandVac System handheld release buttons

If it isn’t in usage, Shark offers a stand to charge the vacuum cleaner that you attach the floor head and wand and then stand the cleaner horizontally. It is possible to can recharge the WV361UK in this dock, and there’s also a additional charging dock in the rear to charge a second battery.

Shark WandVac System crevice tool storage

The stand can be used to store tools for crevices of standard which means you’ll require space to store the multi-surface tool. Its brush is removable, leaving an upholstery brush that can be used to clean sofas and other furniture.

In normal ION mode the vacuum came in at 62.78AW that is about the norm for a cordless vacuum cleaner in normal power mode. In Boost mode, I observed the vacuum as 124.65AW which is similar to the bigger Shark IZ251UK. This is impressive.

While measuring suction is one aspect, the performance of the floor’s head the extent to which it can move dirt around, and the level of contact it has with the floor play a aspect in evaluating the cleanliness of the floor. To test these aspects, I also conduct a set of actual tests.

To start out with 1 teaspoon of flour over my carpet test. The cleaner was then run through the middle using the ION mode. By sweeping it once both ways, the majority of the debris was swept away and disposed of, with some remaining on the edges of the head of the floor.

Shark WandVac System dirty carpet

Shark WandVac System clean carpet with just one swipe

I began to tackle the remainder of the mess with Ion power on top and Boost at the top then Boost to the base. In Boost mode, I was able to collect all the mess in a breeze. What this demonstrates is that normal debris will be easily dealt with in ION modes, however you’ll have to change to Boost to deal with spills that are more difficult.

Shark WandVac System clean carpet second time

Then I sprinkled flour all the way to the skirting board on the carpet tiles. This was a challenging test, with several vacuum cleaners having a hard time with the compact pile of tiles. In fact, when in ION mode this Shark WandVac System WV361UK left some flour left behind.

Shark WandVac System edge test

Shark WandVac System edge test one test

When I switched to Boost mode, the cleaner did a better job, though I needed make use of the crevice tool to make sure the dirt was right to the skirting board. Edge efficiency isn’t nearly as impressive when compared to what it is when using larger cleaners I’ve tested.

Shark WandVac System edge test second test

Then I dumped cat hair on my carpet and ran across the mess with a vacuum cleaner. In this case, all hair was taken away.

Shark WandVac System dirty pet hair

Shark WandVac System clean pet hair

Then, I went to the test on the hard floor and sprinkled the rice with a teaspoon onto the floor. A single swipe across the middle in ION mode was enough to clean the floor. Also, no grains of rice fell out after cleaning this way, which is remarkable.

Does that suffice? It’s true that the high-quality cleaning means that you can efficiently get rid of a single room or two rooms on one charge, and you have is the option of buying an additional battery if you’re looking to double the amount of cleaning. In the end, this is an additional cleaner for tackling small spills as well as small areas of dirt. You’ll require a different cleaner to tackle all-home cleaning. Once the battery has run out it will take approximately three hours to fully recharge.

I found this vacuum cleaner to be quite loud, with a peak of 81.9dB in ION mode, and 82.3dB when in Boost mode. It’s not as loud as the majority of cordless cleaners but the motor’s high pitch this one doesn’t really bother me.


The WV361UK is in the middle between stick and handheld cleaners The Shark WandVac System WV361UK offers the best of both worlds equipped with a convenient, grab-and-go cleaner that can take on large areas as well as smaller spills as well. It’s more flexible as compared to other handheld cleaners like the Shark WV251UK. However, you’ll require more storage space for the WV361UK.

The battery longevity is sufficient to cover one or two rooms and will be sufficient for most people. However, a second battery will prolong the time should you require it. If you want to clean your entire home However, you’ll require a different cleaner. my reviews of the best vacuum cleaners as well as the best battery-powered vacuums can assist you in finding the best model.

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