Teckjb.com – is it a sham or a legitimate website? Read reviews and find out.

Is teckjb.com legit? It’s definitely questionable. This site has a low score, so proceed with caution. We used 53 powerful indicators to reveal high-risk activity, and check if teckjb.com scam. Examine it and its Reviews Sites through a detailed review. You’ll find out how to spot and block scams and what can be done if money is lost.

Teckjb.com: Reviews Site

We are unsure about this claim, as teckjb.com is a Reviews Site. We took some of the content from the site to see what it says about them. Here’s our conclusion:

On this blog, you can get the latest information on new technologies and gadgets. This blog will answer all of your tech-related questions. We sincerely believe that all the info we’re going to provide in this blog will prove useful for everyone. This blog is a good source of information. I thank you

Teckjb.com Review

Validator from the Scam Detector site gives teckjb.com a 50.4% trust rating on their platform. It shows that teckjb.com is best characterized by the following tags. Minimal Doubts. Controversial..

We are confident with our score as partner with high-tech fraud prevention companies, who also found the same issues. What is the reason for this low score? We calculated the score of 50.4 using 53 aggregated industry-relevant factors. The algorithm detected possible risky activity, such as phishing, scamming, or other factors that were noted under the Questionable. Minimal Doubts. Controversial. Tags below.

teckjb.com possesses moderate security features in the computer and online information field. It uses a range of security protocols and software to safeguard users’ personal and banking information.

These measures are important in ensuring the security of the platform. Nevertheless, to ensure total security, you may need to take further precautions.

Using strong passwords and controlling access to the users’ accounts is a good way to protect the information of teckjb.com Users.

It is important to choose secure websites. Getting information from reliable sites will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable online experience.

The platform performs regular security checks to ensure that the information provided by users is protected. It also becomes resistant against cyber-attacks.

In this way, teckjb.com’s users will be able to have a safe and secure experience on the internet thanks to the use of moderate security in computer information. But from a perspective of security, it’s crucial to be vigilant and keep up with the latest security measures.


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Are You the owner of www.teckjb.com?

We’d like to hear from anyone who owns teckjb.com. If you are able to provide us with proof that your business is legitimate, we will be happy to investigate further. Please introduce yourselves first (your full name, and not just “Admin”). Customers are smart. Usually, consumers don’t trust sites that don’t display transparency.

Ask Us Anything

Is teckjb.com down?

When we last checked in April 2024 on teckjb.com, the site was open. The fact that a site is accessible does NOT mean it’s open. Please check.

Is teckjb.com scam or not?

This domain is older than six months. This website is not new. It also scored high in the research. You should do research even if the site seems legit.

When did teckjb.com begin?

Teckjb.com has been registered as a domain name on September 21, 2121.

Where is teckjb.com located?

The domain name “teckjb.com” was registered September 21, 2020. We can see you registered around 931 day ago.

We strongly recommend that you use this website with caution. But let’s get into detail.

Distance from potentially harmful web sites

This metric assesses the degree of linkage between teckjb.com (on a scale from 1 to 100) and websites marked suspicious. High scores are indicative of a more direct link to these dubious online destinations. The owners of websites may not know that their website is located close to such dubious platforms and servers. Scores above 80 indicate a high-risk site, while scores below 30 indicate a lower-risk one.

Risk factors: Phishing attacks, malware, and spam

These indicators are a good way to identify the HTML elements and vulnerabilities in teckjb.com. If the website has received complaints from internet users about receiving unsolicited ads, emails or messages in relation to the site, these indicators will be of particular importance. In the context teckjb.com our investigation continues to work on pinpointing the specific category. However, we welcome your insight in the comment section below.

A high Malware result indicates suspicious code, which could have been spread unknowingly. A high Spam result indicates an email address that may be infected with spam. Scores under 30 are satisfactory in both categories, but any score exceeding this threshold should raise concern.

Is this a scam site? Share Your Experiance

How did yo find out about this business/page? Online ads, suspicious Facebook advertisements, Instagram, email? Please comment on the page below to help a lot of people. What would be your rating if this was the first time you visited it? Please leave your feedback below.

Let’s examine some effective fraud prevention techniques.

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