Testerup Review (Version 2024): Earn Cash While Playing Games

Testerup lets you play games or test products and earn money. But, is it too great to be true?

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It is a website that links users with web designers and companies who want to hear from their customers about games, apps, or products. Testerup appeals to us because it is simple to use, works on a mobile or desktop device, and allows you to earn money depending on your time commitment.

It is worth noting that there are apps like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks and others which offer similar options but lower payout thresholds.

How much can Testerup earn you?

It is true that many apps allow you to play games on the internet for free. However, the trick lies in learning how to use the app to make money. This does not require you to devote days or even months to reaching the top level.

Testerup claims that, although the official earnings figures for the app aren’t yet available, users could earn as much as $120 per test. They also claim to receive 50 offers of testing worth up more than $800.

After logging in via the website we received 30 different offers or tasks totaling $1,717.20. Our first login to the app yielded only 17 suggestions totaling $760.20.


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Testerup reviews can tell you if an app is worth using to earn extra money.

Testerup reviews are available.

The most important takeaways

Testerup offers members the opportunity to test products, take surveys, participate in games and play games. Earnings are based on how well they perform.

You have to deposit a minimal of $70 for you to be able withdraw funds.

Testerup is only sold in the United States. United Kingdom, Canada and Canada.

Testerup can track your device if you allow it to do so.

Tasks are available in a variety of lengths and requirements. You can earn up to $120 per task, but most tasks pay much less.

What is Testerup

Testerup, formerly Testery, is a German-owned website and mobile apps developed by aestimium. They were released in the month of May 2022. Testerup app allows marketers to connect with Testerup customers and developers who want feedback. Testerup offers its members a reward for taking part in games, surveys or providing opinions on other products.

Testerup boasts more than 8.100 reviews on Trustpilot and is home to about 3,000,000 registered users. Apps received five-star reviews from 64% and four-star ratings from another 20%. Testerup’s first task is to write a Trustpilot reviews. Reviewing a product is not rewarded with a dollar amount. However, it’s a Premium task that could earn you more money in the future.

Since its release in 2013, the app has garnered a 4.1 rating out of 5 on Apple’s App Store. There are over 6,200 reviews. And a 3.7 rating out of 5 on Google Play Store.

Testerup is it worth it to you?

Pros Cons

Downloading and using the free apps is also easy.

It is simple to request payouts via the app.

Members earn money when they refer their friends.

PayPal or bank withdrawals may take as long as five days or at least 48 hours.

Testerup will track the usage of your app and device.

Some members will need to purchase additional in-app features to achieve the highest payout.

Testerup’s verdict: Members are paid for playing online games, taking surveys and testing out products. Testerup may have some disadvantages such as a large minimum withdrawal and in app purchases to gain access to the largest payouts. But it’s still a great choice for anyone looking to earn an extra few dollars by playing games, taking surveys, or testing products online.

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Each task comes with different milestones. These include reaching a certain game level or completing the task section. The dollar amounts associated with each milestone will increase as you move forward. The higher or more complex your task is, you’ll likely earn more.

Testerup requires that users download the Match Master application and complete setup. Once you begin, you receive $1.00 if you reach Level 3, $2.00 if you reach Level 7, and so forth. You earn $25 a level higher. If you have completed all levels, tasks and made an in-app payment, your payout will be $54.50.

Testerup can track your progress if you enable tracking.

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To receive payment, you may have to provide screenshots proving that the task was completed. Testerup looks at each task’s progression by hand. In the event that your progress has been rejected multiple times, you will be blocked from taking part in any future offers.

Once your task is confirmed, the payment will appear in your PayPal account. PayPal only allows you to redeem funds after reaching a cash balance minimum of $70.00. Users can only withdraw $250 (or the equivalent local currency) for each transaction.

Testerup will withhold payment from you if the verification process is not completed.

What can I do with Testerup

Testerup allows you to easily test your users. After signing up with your Google account, Facebook account or email, you will be shown a series of tasks. The majority of your first tasks will be mobile games. They include Bingo and Scrabble as well as matching and dice games, fantasy role-playing games and world-building.

Some other initial steps include installing market research apps and running them on your tablet or desktop and leaving reviews on Trustpilot using the email address with which you signed up.

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Some tasks carry a label of premium. After you have completed five premium Tasks and become a Tester, you are eligible for higher payments, additional premium offers and to earn bonuses and points.

Games and tasks may not be compatible with desktop computers. However, they may work on tablets or phones. Depending on the developer, some tasks may be only available to iOS users or Android users.

Users may select individual tasks or games they find interesting, but are not able to choose from a wider selection of jobs. Many of these tasks are only available by downloading an app.

If you want to maximize your payout, make sure that the task instructions are followed after Testerup has verified installation. Non-games tasks could only last for a few minutes, and they may only pay out a small amount. In general, games tend to pay out more, but depending how much time you have left, you may only reach a certain level.

It may be necessary to make in app purchases in order for you to earn cashback. Although you are not required to make purchases, in most cases you cannot access the maximum payout without completing the instructions. If you play the Match Masters video game, for example, you earn $3.00 back after making your first in-game buy. This helps you reach the total game value of $54.50.

Testerup: Make more money

It can take some time to get the best results with Testerup. You can maximize your time by following these tips.

Testerup must be used every day. If you are accepting game tasks, this is especially important. Make a plan of how you will use the apps each day to help progress with current offers and games. Testerup offers a variety of opportunities. Be sure to check the site often so that you don’t forget about them.

Accept premium jobs: Even though every task has a maximum amount of money, choosing premium jobs can give you access to more tasks and higher payouts in the future. Premium tasks might not always be the best-paying, but selecting them will give you greater access to tasks with higher potential payouts.

When you have limited free time, you might need to prioritize the tasks. Balance your time between high-paying tasks and those that take more effort.

Refer friends. Testerup offers you a payment for referring your friends. Testerup offers you a 10% bonus on your friend’s earnings, up to an entire year. Testerup will give you $15 if, within the first calendar year, your friend earns $100. Referrals are possible through email, social media or a customized link.

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