Is Traveluro Legit? Beware Before Booking

It’s true that Traveluro provides you with an incredibly low price than making reservations directly with the hotel However, is it legitimate?

How can they offer cheaper rates than hotels? Do you have the chance of getting fraud? Do you want to book with them or stay clear of them completely?

If you’re thinking about these issues, then you’ve come to the right blog.

At the end of this article, you’ll be able to tell EXACTLY the truth about whether Traveluro is a genuine and trusted platform or just a scam.

How Does Traveluro Work

In the role of an intermediary Traveluro takes your money and accountable for the booking but not the hotel that you booked at because the contract you signed is not directly with them. It has to be with Traveluro.

So, don’t be expecting any assistance direct from the hotel.

If there is a dispute between you and your hotel the hotel will need to be contacted by Traveluro who will contact the hotel on behalf of you to resolve the issue.

Here is the main issue:

Traveluro’s customer service is mediocre.

If you book through Traveluro and need assistance it is likely that you will be caught with a lot of switching between the hotel and Traveluro until the problem is solved.

How Traveluro Works

It is also possible that the issue you are experiencing may not be resolved, particularly when it’s urgent because of the insufficient customer service available on This site.

Also, changing or cancellations of your hotel reservations is a challenge when booking with This site.

You’ll need to rely on the poor customer service to handle any cancellations or changes for you, and there’s an excellent chance that your request could be rejected.

Simply put having an intermediary (Traveluro) could cause problems because hotels will advise that you need to handle any issues via Traveluro instead of providing immediate assistance.

Then Traveluro might then turn around and take you back towards the hotel leaving you somewhere in between.


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Traveluro Hotel Issues

However If booking directly through the hotel, making changes, cancellations or dealing with any other issues is handled easier because there aren’t any third parties involved.

Additionally it’s also much easier for hotels to handle customers who book directly versus those who book through online travel companies such as Traveluro,, Priceline, Travelocity, etc.

An example is the fact that the hotel you’re booked at may not get the confirmation of booking from This site which could result in no booking or an overbooking to the identical room.

There have been numerous instances when guests were left in a foreign city with no room at the hotel, despite having made an advance reservation via This site.

In the event that the hotel is crowded it’s likely that they will “bump” those who have paid the least amount through an online travel company such as Traveluro and then lie to you, claiming that your reservation wasn’t completed.

No matter what the reasons, if one contacts This site to seek help in this kind of circumstance, there’s the chance that you will not receive any help from them as their customer service is not reliable.

However, you don’t need to worry about these issues when booking directly through the hotel as there aren’t any third parties that are involved (Traveluro).

In the simplest form:

This site runs just fine when something is wrong.

The biggest benefit of booking through Travelruo is the fact that they usually offer better rates than directly booking through the hotel.

However, if things go incorrectly, you might face difficulties cancelling change, resolving, or other issues if you’re booking through This site.

So we must ask the question: Is Traveluro legitimate?

While booking with This site is more risky of problems than booking directly but, when it comes to its legitimacy is concerned, it’s certainly a legitimate platform.

So, Should You Book Directly or Through Traveluro?

In the event that price differences are similar or slightly less expensive, then you shouldn’t book with Traveluro.

If the cost differs between booking directly with the hotel or via Traveluro is significant, it is mostly a matter of the individual’s comfort.

Personally, I would advise that you AVOID making reservations for hotels via Traveluro as it’s new on the market, does not have an extensive history and isn’t completely transparent about their business.

In actual fact, Traveluro doesn’t have an “ABOUT US” page on its website.

Instead, I suggest booking hotels via popular online travel companies like Agoda,, Expedia, GoSplitty, Priceline, Super Travel, and however only with these conditions:

The price difference is substantial between making a booking through them directly or via them.

A typical hotel to book, not a luxuriously expensive hotel.

Doing not make reservations for a number of days in a row.

Alongside these rules In addition to these conditions, you must conduct thorough research about the hotel prior to booking.

Why Booking Through Traveluro Is Cheaper Than Booking Directly?

There are two ways to determine how Traveluro can offer better rates than booking directly with hotels:

Through negotiating discounts that are greater with hotels, and passing a portion of its commission to the customer by way of lower rates.

Through this model, you can use the Merchant Model.

By using the merchant model, Traveluro purchases hotel bookings in advance and in bulk to receive discounts, and then sells the hotel bookings to us in time, at a greater cost, and then passes on a portion percent of the profits to us.

Confused? Take a look at this example:

Traveluro utilizes their purchasing capabilities to purchase hotel rooms bulky and advance at a reduced price that is offered by the hotels.

For example, Traveluro books a block of 50 rooms at the hotel for $100 per night. the current market rate is at about 150 dollars per night.

Why is travel so expensive?

In time, Traveluro resells those rooms at a higher cost ($130) but less than the market rate currently offered from the hotel ($150).


Traveluro gradually sells those 50 rooms for $130 a night, making $30 per one guest book rooms through them.

The client is still able to buy at a lower price than paying the cost of the hotel ($150) which will save you $20.

In selling the rooms at a greater price than what they paid for them, Traveluro made a profit however, they also offered savings in comparison to the current market price.

Therefore, Traveluro can offer lower rates than booking directly.


Concerning the legitimacy of Traveluro is in question, it is authentic.

If something isn’t working or you have to cancel or make changes, it can be difficult to sort out when you’re booked with Traveluro.

However, Traveluro generally offers better rates than directly booking through the hotel.

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