Are Scam? (Beware, Job Seekers!)

Are an enigma? Absolutely, is a scam!

The company is based in India, parades itself as the top platform for all kinds of work-from home jobs.

From web design projects to writing content and even accounting work They claim to be experts in everything.

However, as I’ve said many times, “When it looks too rosy, there’s probably a thorn hidden somewhere.”

And the boy does have its own thorns!

Let’s get down to the bottom and discover all the secrets behind this appealing façade.

And with its shiny exterior, has a few bones stored in the closet. Let’s get them out.


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Freshly Minted Domain

A screen shot from the DNS information from in

Its website is a new name in the world of digital it was registered on 23 June 2023 as per

You may be asking, “Why does this matter?”

In the world of digital the value of trust is created slowly. websites that stand up to the years of testing, through the years and earning a reputation is generally more reliable.

On the other hand fraudsters often create temporary websites, concoct scams on innocent people, disappear, and then reappearing with the same identity.

The latest registration for is a huge warning. It’s similar to the concept of a pop-up shop located in a shady area – there today and gone in the next day.

It’s not a good idea to put your life or even your savings on such flimsy promises. Right?

Flagged As An Investment Scam

A screen shot of the flagged incident by to as a scam to invest

When watchdogs you trust like make a fuss, then it’s the right time to be attentive. is a reputable website that, thanks to its strict standards and thorough screening It has identified as a scam investment.

It’s not a whim that’s built on a string of balances and checks failed to be able to pass.

They’re like warning signs that are posted on the road. They’re there for an reason.

If you ignore them, you could fall into disastrous mistakes. It’s always better to be aware of these warnings rather than learn by trial and error.

Invalid Email Addresses

A image of the Contact Us page on that displays their first email address.

A image of the terms page on that displays the second email address.

In this digital age communicating is essential. Businesses that are legitimate are known for being responsive and quick to respond.

Therefore it was when displayed the two addresses of its email address, specifically [email protected] and [email protected] it was an encouraging sign.

But, as I’ve discovered, appearances are false. The curiosity of me has led me to which is a trusted tool that I’ve utilized numerous times to confirm the authenticity of emails.

The screenshot below shows the result when I check the email address of the first user of

The screenshot below shows the result when I check my second email account of in

The results were alarming. The email addresses that is proudly displaying were found to not valid.

It’s similar to knocking on a door but then realizing there’s no home behind it.

I am now convinced of giving everyone an equal shot. It could have been a technical error or a mistake.

In an effort to be fair I decided to contact them with both email addresses.

However, as of right this moment, the silence is tangible. But, if they are able to do so, you can rest assured that I’ll make sure to update this post.

However, for the moment these email addresses have more questions than answers.

If a platform fails to find something as simple like its contact information correct it can be a hindrance to all other features it claims to provide.

A Torrent Of Complaints

A image of the negative reviews concerning on

Feedback is the vital ingredient for online platforms. In the case of feedback, it is generally negative.

A thorough look at provides a dark picture.

A lot of people have expressed their frustrations, expressing displeasure over insufficient payment promises and untruthful transactions.

One participant reported earning $251, but then run into a blockage when attempting to withdraw the money.

The stories of these kinds aren’t isolated events they are part of a pattern that is repeated. Patterns, particularly negative ones, do not lie.

They’re testimony to the stories of real individuals who have stepped into’s waters only to emerge with a burn.

I get it. The moment you realize you’re being played online?

It’s happened to me. It’s depressing and frustrating and, frankly it could cause you to lose faith in the digital realm.

Silver lining? I’ve designed a program specifically designed to your needs.

Learn methods that have been tested and proven, such as checking for malware, confirming registrations on websites as well as analyzing social media profiles and more.

As you go through each lesson you’ll be more proficient in recognizing warning signs.

You deserve to browse the internet with confidence and without anxiety of scams lurking around every corner.

The Conclusion

Are is a fraud? The indicators are as clear in the daytime: is a scam that targets those looking for jobs.

With its questionable practices and an avalanche of complaints the minefield is just ready to explode.

Job applicants, I’ve walked this path, and I am aware of the appeal of quick money.

But keep in mind that genuine opportunities aren’t smothered in uncertainties and doubts. Avoid and keep an eye out for real opportunities.

The internet is vast and, while there are treasures waiting to be discovered but it is also a place where traps are galore.

Take care when you travel and be prepared with the right information Always be awed by your intuition.

If you feel it’s off It’s likely to be. Be safe, be aware and stop these fraudsters from taking over our lives!

Been Burned By Online Scams? I’ve Got Your Back!

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